Monday, October 14, 2019

Apple Picking and New Discoveries in New Paltz, NY

Apple Picking at Dressel Farms, New Paltz, NY

While most Staten Islanders head to New Jersey to embark on their annual apple and pumpkin picking, yesterday, Ed and I headed north to New Paltz, NY. Neither Ed nor I particularly like the orchards or farms in New Jersey, probably because they're always packed with Staten Islanders and because we tend to favor the gorgeous views in New Paltz, NY.

View of Paltz Point from Dressel Farms.
We've been going to New Paltz, NY for most of our married life. We first made the trip north to taste New York State wine along the Shawangunk Wine Trail ... and let me tell you, if you haven't tasted New York State wine, you probably should do so and quick! Stop being such a snob and drink some local tastiness! And while you're at it, sample some of New York State's awesome hard cider! Anyway, our trips to New Paltz lead to our discovery of orchards, farms, and farm markets like the Wallkill View Farm Market. Naturally, our trips also led us to explore the town of New Paltz and its surrounding area.

More of the ridge.

Our favorite apple orchard is Dressel Farms, a family owned farm and business that specializes in "pick-your-own," fresh cider, hard cider, and other delicious endeavors. As someone who believes in supporting local farms by "eating and drinking locally," picking at Dressel allows us to support three generations of Dressels who run the farm. 


But let's be serious, *ahem* we started picking at Dressel because of the gorgeous view of the Shawangunk Mountain ridge! By the second and the third weeks in October, the colors are amazing and the weather is perfect for wandering about an apple orchard. And our favorite types of apples -- Stayman Winesap and Crispin -- are at peak.

Ed posing with his favorites: Stayman Winesap.

Loaded apple trees with gorgeous fall colors.

So pretty.

A perfect day in the Hudson Valley.
I have to admit, days like yesterday really make me want to pack my apartment and move to the Hudson River Valley. While I adore Boston and the North Shore, MA, I wouldn't turn down a chance to live in the Hudson River Valley. I swear, if I get a good archival or museum gig in New York City, we're heading north ... perhaps to the east of the Hudson River so that we'll be on the MetroNorth Hudson Line. 

20 pounds of apples.

So happy!
Ed and I picked 20 pounds of apples. What am I going to do with all of those apples? Well, we'll be eating some of them. I'm sure I'll be baking pies and other goodies, and I'll be making apple sauce. I'll probably stuff pork chops with apples and raisins, and put them into pancakes and muffins. Hell, I'm sure we'll be eating apples until we're sick of them ... good thing it will be orange season by then! HA! We also stopped at Wallkill Farm Market before heading into town. I was in the market for beets, but alas, they were sold out! We ended up with a 20 pound pumpkin, cauliflower, and some frying peppers.

We spent the rest of our day wandering around town, mostly searching through the antique shops and having a most delicious meal at Bacchus. While we were walking back to our car, I noticed a graveyard up the hill. Mind you, we've been parking in this spot for years and we've been going to New Paltz as long as we've been married. I never saw the graveyard before! I swear a tree was removed or something changed that I noticed it. We decided to walk up the hill to check it out. Good grief ... after all these years we finally discovered Historic Huguenot Street!

New Paltz was founded in 1678 by French Huguenots on the site where Historic Huguenot Street sits today. I'm embarrassed to say that I had no idea that New Paltz was a French settlement. For some reason I thought the majority of settlements in New York State were Dutch! Ed pointed out that Staten Island was settled by both, the Dutch and French Huguenots. Looks like I need to do some historic exploration of my own state. Sheeze.

The historic site was closed when we finally made it up there and the sun was quickly setting. We're going to head back to New Paltz just to take the tour of Historic Huguenot Street. Maybe it's time that I really start looking at New York's colonial history so that I can plan some awesome outings for us. While I adore Boston and Salem, I need to remember that my own beautiful state has a lot to offer history buffs like us, that it's not just about camping, hiking, and fishing. 


  1. Store bought apples are so blah these days!! I wish we had somewhere close to pick apples - and with such a beautiful view.l, too.

    1. There's nothing like an apple straight from the tree. That's the only way Ed will eat them! We really love being in New Paltz! Oh who am I kidding, NY State is just gorgeous. We're planning to explore more this coming year, so stay tuned.

  2. What a fun day! Apples, pumpkins, history!

  3. What a beautiful Autumn day! Sounds perfect!

    1. We've been getting some gorgeous weather here in the NorthEast. Let's hope the weekend of the Blaze is just as nice. *crosses fingers and toes*

  4. I definitely miss the Hudson Valley. We used to go up to a farm near Claverack every couple months to get raw milk. The Rip van Winkle Bridge!! What a trippy thing for a So Cal native! We never made the time to visit Olana, either, even though we drove by every time... so much history in that part of the world. I didn't know about the Huguenots there, either. I am going to hate leaving our house here eventually only because of the apple tree in the backyard :)

    1. Oh Olana is amazing!!! I've been itching to pay a visit before the snow flies. Or maybe I'll wait until the spring and summer. Ed and I are planning NY State-based trips and I'm dying to do the Hudson River Artists Art Trail! Olana and Thomas Cole's house are on the map, as is Kaaterskill Falls and the Oxbow in CT.