Let the Halloween Hunt 2019 Begin!

Back to black and so happy!

This past weekend was the weekend after Independence Day and you know what that means? Yup, it's the official beginning of the annual Halloween Hunt. You see, this is the weekend when Michael's puts out their Fall merchandise, followed by their Halloween merchandise in the next two or three weeks. According to all of the Halloween-themed Facebook pages and groups I follow, At Home stores are already stocked (we don't have those here in NYC). Pier One and Crate and Barrel have their Halloween splash pages up even if the websites aren't populated with goodies yet. Home Goods will have their Fall and Halloween merchandise on the shelves in the next few weeks and Yankee Candle has already announced that the Boney Bunch line will be "classic," unlike the last two or three years. Yes, it's July, but for us Halloween and Fall lovers, it's the beginning of the most glorious time of year. 

Oh, don't get me wrong ... I *do* like the Summer, it's just not my favorite. Summer means camping and gardening and trips to Salem, MA. It means lobster and fresh vegetables from local farms. It also means mosquito bites, allergies, heat and humidity, and sunburn, all of which I'm dealing with right now. Summer always brings an over-abundance of gatherings -- BBQs and pool parties, friends in town, traveling, etc. There's no set routine and things always feel out-of-control. I struggle in the Summer months because I'm a creature of habit. I like the slow movement of time marked by moments when things are supposed to happen. In many ways, the Summer is a tired, stagnant time for me even though the world is blooming and bouncing. I never seem to get enough sleep. It's always a struggle to get anything done -- partly because there's never any room on the calendar and partly because I have no energy to do so. My brain always feels like it's being crushed by the heat and humidity. 

The cooler months bring peace as folks gather into themselves and into their homes. Kids are back in school, BBQ and pool season is over, vacations are spent, and there's an overarching, peaceful routine that gently guides society through the darkening days. Gatherings are much quieter and less stressful as we sit around the dinner table chatting over bowls of soup or plates of roasted chicken. The cooler weather makes me feel alive and the Fall breezes knock the cobwebs out of my tired brain. I'm always much more productive in the Fall. I'm creative and inspired by the beautiful colors and delicious smells. Clad in sweaters, velvet, and boots, I am always more comfortable.  

But alas, it's only July and it has been hot and humid. My time is gobbled up by BBQs, camping, and other Summer events. For me, the Halloween Hunt reminds me of what's to come and the peace that the Fall and Winter months bring. It reminds me that soon I'll feel back to my normal, spooky, creative self. 

This past Friday, Ed and I decided to hit our local Michael's. Last year they had their Fall merchandise displayed the day after the 4th of July. We hoped that they would repeat it this year.

Since I purged and reorganized my closets this Winter, I never replaced my Summer clothing. All I really have are a handful of skirts and skorts, t-shirts, and three pairs of shorts. I hardly had anything to wear to my new job, forget about everyday! I didn't really want to invest a lot of money in a new wardrobe because my weight has been slowly and steadily dropping since May. I lost 13 pounds so far and I know that I'll reach 15 or more by the end of July. I decided that it would be wise to invest in two skirts and a dress that were on clearance on QVC and to buy some basic black shirt-dresses from Target. I figured I could wear them with leggings and a sweater during the cooler months and wouldn't be heartbroken when I couldn't fit into them anymore because I lost my weight.

On Friday, I wore a very comfortable and cool shirt dress and black leggings on Friday. Paired with my Keen sandals and some fun jewelry, I felt more put together than I have been in a long, long time. And yes! The dress has POCKETS!!! Can I get a HELL YEAH!?! WAHOO! 

Sorry about the blurry photo! I was just too damned excited!

Michael's did not disappoint. The whole store smelled of cinnamon and apples and the Summer stuff was pushed into two sale aisles, drastically marked down. The big center aisle was packed full of orange-yellow-and-red heaven: pumpkins, apples, sunflowers ... OH MY! 

No, the Halloween stuff wasn't out yet, but there were "scouts" ... ghost and monster scarecrows. The Halloween ribbons weren't even displayed yet, but they were making lots and lots of room for what's to come. We're definitely checking back in a week or two to see what kind of progress they made. 

Ed is thrilled that it's almost Pumpkin Spice Season!
There's nothing better for one's soul than the smell of spiced apple and pumpkin and the glorious Fall colors. Nothing makes me feel more alive ... well, a Pumpkin Spiced Latte on the first cool day of Fall comes very close. :)

Until next time!

The Outfit Rundown:
Shirt dress: Target
Leggings: LuLuRoe
Sandals: Zappos
Necklace: Alchemy Gothic, gift from Ed
Earrings: I've had them so long I can't remember

Ed gets all of his work shirts from SighCo.


  1. I feel ya, summer is just too busy and crammed. I love when the first hints of Autumn are in stores and I can start dreaming about wearing tights and Boots again!

    1. I'm right there with you! I just can't seem to get anything done in the summer because folks keep planning this or that. sigh ... I need the cold weather to chase everyone back inside. HA!

  2. It's so funny how summer is supposed to be such a time (for academics) to get things done that get pushed aside during teaching time . . . yet I always seem to never have any time in the summer! It's not humid here, but it does get hot -- in the 90s later this week -- and that does make me not want to do stuff that takes lots of brain power. At least this summer I've made a point of not having to work during vacations. But autumn is definitely my favorite, too! P.S. that picture of Ed is totally adorable :)

    1. I was NEVER able to get any kind of research or writing done in the summer. The entire world goes into overdrive and it exhausts the hell out of me. Aw, Ed said thanks! :)

  3. I definitely feel you on summer. I've joked that I have reverse SAD, because during summer, I get so down and I just want to hide and hibernate. I think I'll take a page out of your fashion book and just buy some shirt dresses that I can dress up for work and down for daily wear, along with some leggings and just rotate those while I work on slowly losing weight. I swore by jeans for most of my life, but this last year I've begun to detest them and I just want to live in leggings or workout clothes.
    I'll have to swing by Michael's after my next payday and pick up a couple things. I am so excited for fall weather!

    1. I swear reverse SAD is a thing. My body doesn't handle heat well, I feel awful all summer! I spend most of it barely dressed in front of fans and air conditioning and am still miserable!

    2. You can get SAD in the summer as well, especially if you sensitive to light or heat. If you google "summer SADS" or "summer depression" you'll find all the information about it.

      Shirt dresses are key because you can wear them as tunics for leggings in the fall. I've been wearing the hell out of mine and BOY! they've come in handy. I'm discovering that library work requires a lot of motion and lifting. Cotton or travel knit is key.

  4. Autumn is definitely my favourite season! I need the cooler weather! Less sweat, fresher breezes. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness! We certainly don't get all the beautiful Autumn decorations you get but there are still lots of trees with leaves changing colour!

    1. Here in NYC and the Northeast we track the "Fall Foliage" so that we can "leaf peep." Yes, it's a thing here. For us, the fall means pumpkins, apples, winter squash and the second corn (maize) harvest. It's truly glorious.

  5. I was just at Michael's yesterday, ogling all the Halloween stuff!


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